Legal Casino Gambling In California

Based, as it is, so close to the gambling haven of Las Vegas, the State of California is not often regarded as a primary destination for gaming enthusiasts. With that said, you might be surprised to know just how many legal California casinos there are—both online and off. Indeed, for anyone who enjoys playing casino games—whether cards, slots, or whatever else—California offers many options. The state is not quite as permissive as, say, Nevada, or even New Jersey, and there is still much online gambling legislation that is forthcoming. The bottom line, though, is that legal online casinos for California residents are not hard to come by.

This page is all about gaming—and casino gaming, in particular—in the State of California. Intended as an educational resource, the page will survey some of the laws that govern gambling in the State of California. In addition, the page will make note of some specific opportunities for legal California casino gaming—in a land-based setting and on the Internet.

Does California Have Legal Land-Based Casinos?

The first thing that many California gamers will want to know is whether or not California has any legal, land-based casinos—and the answer is a resounding yes. While California may pale in comparison to Vegas’ many casino options, the surprising reality is that there are presently dozens of legal, state-regulated casinos in California—albeit, of varying sizes and levels of quality. Some are Native American casinos that offer robust gaming options, while many are smaller poker rooms. These casinos can be found throughout the state.

Are Online Casinos Legal in California?

Another question: Are there any legal online casinos in California? This is a tricky question to answer, as California’s laws do not explicitly forbid online gambling, but neither do they directly condone it. To muddy the waters further, California legislators have begun seriously considering new online gaming legislation, as recently as the summer of 2013!

What is important for California gamers to know is that there are many Internet casinos that are legal, and that accept California natives. These are, in most cases, licensed offshore online casinos. Though not recognized by California’s laws, these are safe and legal online California casinos.

Online Casinos that Accept California Residents

While there are plenty of options, as far as safe and legal online casinos go, California residents should note that not all Web-based casinos are created equal. Some are more reputable, and offer better playing options, than others. The casinos reviewed on this site are the ones generally regarded to be the safest, the most legitimate—and the most fun!

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California Casino Gambling Laws

As for California’s gambling laws, it is important to note that, while the state government does impose some restrictions on gaming—and while you will not find the same large-scale resort casinos that you find in, say, Las Vegas—there are plenty of casinos that are permitted by the state. California’s gambling laws are fairly lax, and leave room for various casinos and poker rooms—with an expansion of gambling likely to come in the future.

Other Forms of Gambling in California

A final consideration: In addition to the safe and legal California casinos, are there any other forms of gambling that state residents can enjoy? The answer is yes. There is a state lottery, which is popular, and there is also pari-mutuel horse wagering. Factor in the card rooms and the Native American casinos, and you have a state in which gambling—both online and off—is fairly easy to find!

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