Are Online Casinos Legal For California Residents?

Are online casinos legal in California? That's a surprisingly difficult question to answer—partly because it depends on your definition of legal, partly because state and federal laws are both applicable, but mostly because California's legislation is rather vague on the issue!

A couple of things can be said with certainty, though. The first is that online casinos are exceedingly popular among California residents. This may come as something of a surprise, given the fact that California actually offers numerous legal, land-based casinos. For more and more players, however, the convenience offered by online gaming is preferable.

The other important thing to note is that the question of legality is a different matter than the question of safety. While online casinos may or may not be legal in California—depending on how you choose to define the term—they are absolutely safe. This page will outline some of the reasons why this is the case.

California's Internet Gaming Laws

The first thing to mention, with regard to California's stance on online casinos, is that the state generally has a fairly permissive, lenient approach to gambling. No, there are not as many legal gambling opportunities here as there are in Nevada or in New Jersey, yet the sheer number of land-based casinos and poker rooms betrays a fairly progressive attitude toward gaming in general.

On the topic of legal casino gambling in California, however, the state's laws are surprisingly silent. This may change in the near future; online casino legislation is currently on the table in California. With that said, California's current gambling laws do not expressly condone or criminalize online casinos. They simply leave a gray area.

Is It Safe For CA Residents To Play Casino Games Online?

Far from being a bad thing, this ambiguity is actually a boon to gamers in the State. What it means is that California residents are not penalized for playing in online casinos—because again, the law does not make any provision for online gaming to be penalized. As such, it is a safe option for California residents.

Not only are online casinos safe for California residents, but in a way, they are also legal. That is to say, by playing through a licensed, offshore gaming site, players can remove themselves from California's jurisdiction altogether. This allows them to play with total peace of mind, and without fear over legal consequences.

Synopsis: California Players Are Allowed To Play Online

To return to our original question: Are online casinos legal in California? While this question is a bit murky, the undeniable reality is that online casinos are totally safe for the state's gaming enthusiasts. This is especially true for gamers who are careful to select online casinos that are licensed through offshore gaming companies—casinos with track records for integrity and respectability, like the ones highlighted on this site. Also worth noting is the fact that California's legislature may soon make online casinos even safer, expressly recognized and regulated by the state government. All told, there are plenty of safe and legal online casino opportunities for California residents.

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