Casino Gambling Laws + Statutes In California

California offers more gambling opportunities than most other states do—outside of Nevada, New Jersey, and perhaps one or two others. This does not mean that California is totally lax and permissive—indeed, there are plenty of forms of gambling that are illegal, and several important regulations to contend with—but on the whole, California casino gaming laws are fairly permissive. Certainly, those who live in California, and love to gamble in casinos, can find ample opportunity to do so. Learn about the laws below which can allow for legal online casinos in California to operate.

What The Law Prohibits:

To begin with, it is important to note the California laws that prohibit forms of gambling. Penal Code Section 330 is one relevant piece of legislation. This law essentially makes it illegal to operate, or participate in, any kind of gambling operation without first getting a license from the state. What this law does, in effect, is to criminalize the operation of unlicensed gambling businesses; those who wish to gamble, or to run casinos, can only do so by obtaining the permission—and agreeing to the regulation—of the state government.

Another piece of legislation to consider is the Business and Professions Code Section 19850. This law penalizes individuals who participate in illegal gambling, with fines of up the $1,000 and up to six months of jail time. This law is both daunting and serious, yet it is important to note that there are hardly any recorded instances of individuals being prosecuted under this law.

What The Law Allows:

With those stipulations noted, it is also important to say that California does make allowances for certain types of gambling. The most obvious is state-approved casino gambling. In California, players will find dozens of casinos and poker rooms, all of which are state-sanctioned, legal, and safe.

Beyond casino gambling, there are other forms of gaming that the state permits. Charitable gaming, a state lottery, and horse racing are all acceptable in California. This leaves only one further area to discuss—online gambling.

Is Internet Casino Gaming Allowed In California?

The fact is, California's laws do not expressly condone or condemn Internet casinos. This means California residents can enjoy online casinos without worry over legal repercussions. And with proposed online gaming legislation on the table, it's possible that California casino gambling laws will soon become even more expansive and permissive than before.

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